Why Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, with a userbase of over 2 billion monthly active people worldwide. Facebook has been around for over a decade now. People have signed up for Facebook with their e-mail accounts and provide Facebook with the data they need to understand what type of ads they’re responsive to. This makes Facebook a valuable business tool and partner for any business looking to scale. People log into Facebook every day, and willingly follow brands and businesses that they’re interested in. The Facebook and Instagram logos are printed on the back of product packaging. Facebook is still on the top 5 of the app store every day. Even if some people have a negative opinion on Facebook, the truth is they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.




While Facebook is home to billions of people on the internet, Facebook does limit the organic reach of your posts. This means that not all of your pages’ followers will see all of the content you post.


This can be discouraging for Facebook page managers, because we post content only for it to get 0 interactions. This is why certain people will lose faith in the platform and stop being active. But the truth is, getting likes and followers alone isn’t going to generate you more sales.


When you invest in posting content that is trustworthy and helpful, it leaves an impressionable result on your target audience. When you consistently create awesome content, you capture more mindshare and become the go-to source for information.


Your Facebook Page is also a good way to generate reviews for your business. People can share their experiences with your products and services. Encourage your most satisfied customers to leave you a review to get the ball rolling. According to data from Inc, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends.


If you find that organic reach isn’t working well for you, and you want to reach new people on the platform, you may be interested in paying for traffic on Facebook. If you’re looking to reach new people with advertising, you may want to consider using Facebook ads to grow your business.


Here’s a quick run-down of why Facebook ads are a great option to advertise your business.


Use Facebook Ads to achieve your business goals.

Whether you’re looking to grow your Facebook page, capture e-mails, advertise an exclusive offer, push engagement towards your content, push traffic to your website, or simply reach new people for brand awareness, Facebook ads offer a solution for you.


Most people will declare that Facebook ads don’t work without fully exploring all of their targeting options. I highly encourage you to check them all out and figure out what your objectives are on Facebook before you spend money on advertising. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of how your budget is being spent, and what exactly it’s being spent on to grow your business.



Facebook Ads Have Highly Specific Targeting

With Facebook ads, you can set up your exact buyer persona to deliver your ads to. Facebook allows you to choose the location of your audience, age, gender, language, education, and even yearly income. These preferences give you control of who’s seeing your ad, and allows you to show them to the people who are most likely to convert into a customer for you.


Additionally, you can use your ads to target specific audiences, custom audiences, and even re-target people who have already visited your website. By choosing an already established audience, you can reach people who would be the most likely to be interested in your content if they knew who you were.

Re-targeting gives you a chance to convert someone who may not have converted to your offer the first time it was seen. All you have to do is install the Facebook Pixel on your website. Even if they don’t convert into a customer right away, these ads still serve as a reminder to them that you exist.



Facebook Ads Have Diverse Formats

Whether you want to show off a single image, a carousel of images, a slideshow, a video ad, or push people to a landing page, Facebook has several options to choose from.


Experimenting with different content formats gives you a multitude of ways to try new ideas with your content marketing. The current trend on social media is video marketing. Facebook tends to reward pages that publish videos with engagement. Videos that have a high retention tend to perform the best, which is why it’s important to make sure that you focus on publishing quality content that people will want to watch. The best types of content to publish are informational, educational, or entertaining content.





You can also choose where your ad is delivered. You can choose to have your advertisement displayed in a Facebook feed, a Facebook story, desktop display only, mobile display only, or even cross advertise on Instagram.



Facebook Ads are cost effective


If you’re a business on a budget, there’s no better place to advertise than on Facebook. You have the option to set your monthly and daily budgets to make sure you don’t go over your monthly advertising spend. For a few bucks a day, you can reach thousands of people in your local area that may not have seen your business offers otherwise. You can choose to keep your spending at the lowest bid setting or set a specific cap to see which strategy works best for your business.



Use Facebook Ads Library to Spy on Your Competitors Ads

The Facebook Ads Library allows you to search for ads and advertisers on the platform. This is a sneaky way to see if your competitors are spending money on the platform, and whether or not it’s working for them. You can use this as a source of inspiration to figure out how you want to advertise your own products or service.



Real People Use Facebook

In my opinion, the difference between the Facebook userbase compared to a competitor like Twitter, is the fact that there’s seemingly more real people on Facebook. Facebook encourages users to use real photos of themselves. Whereas on Twitter, your ad is most likely being displayed to someone with a cartoon profile picture. Twitter users generally aren’t as receptive to ads as Facebook users.



Conclusion on Facebook Ads


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to be investing in Facebook advertising as a part of your online marketing strategy. The biggest keys to advertising on Facebook are quality content, setting the right goals, being consistent, and taking advantage of video marketing. What are your favorite ways to advertise on Facebook?